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  Prof. emer. Mohamed Abd Elkader Serry

Professor emer. Mohamed Abd Serry took his BSc in Chemistry and Geology, his MSc in Applied Inorganic Chemistry and his PhD in Applied Physical Chemistry. He became Research Professor in 1986 and was Head of Department from July 2002 until he retired in 2003. As Research Professor Emeritus he continues his scientific work, which has included the publishing of numerous papers as well as participation in many national and international conferences and scientific missions, supervising PhD theses, consultancy work and leading the National Committee of the Egyptian Standard Specifications of Refractory Ceramics.

Serry, Mohamed Abd Elkader ; El-Maghraby, M. S.
Assessment of Egyptian Dolomite and Dolomitic Magnesite Raw Materials in Processing Basic Concretes for Hot-Repairing
Refractories Manual (2003) 46-51
Special Technologies

Othman, A.G.M. ; Serry, Mohamed Abd Elkader
Shaped Carbon-Bearing Magnesia and Doloma Refractories for the Steel Industry
Interceram 55 (2006) [2] 99-103

Serry, Mohamed Abd Elkader ; Ahmed, S.E. ; El-Maghraby, M. S.
Ultra-pure and Fine Calcined Alumina Powders Recycled from Egyptian Al Dross
Refractories Manual (2006) 56-61
Special Technologies

Serry, Mohamed Abd Elkader ; El-Maghraby, M. S. ; Mandour, M.A.
Utilization of Egyptian Waste Clays for Brick Making
Interceram 56 (2007) [5] 345-348
Building Materials

Serry, Mohamed Abd Elkader ; Ahmed, S.E.
Composition and Properties of Traditional Cordierite-Mullite Ceramics for Thermo- Mechanical Applications
Refractories Manual (2011) 39-43
Review Papers

Tawfik Ahmed Omar, Ahmed ; El-Raoof, F. Abd ; Serry, Mohamed Abd Elkader
Lightweight Alumino-Silicate Bodies from Available Materials
Interceram 61 (2012) [4] 186-190
Building Materials

Elmaghraby, Mohamed S. ; Mekky, H.S. ; Serry, Mohamed Abd Elkader
Light Weight Insulating Concrete Based on Natural Pumice Aggregate
Interceram 61 (2012) [6] 354-357
Building Materials

Tawfik Ahmed Omar, Ahmed ; Serry, Mohamed Abd Elkader
Factors Influencing the Phase Composition and Properties of Magnesium Oxychloride Cements
Interceram 62 (2013) [1] 25-29
Tile & Brick

Ahmed, S.E. ; El-Raoof, F. Abd ; Serry, Mohamed Abd Elkader
Influence of Calcination Temperature on the Densification of Refractory Mullite Grains Synthesized from Recycled Materials
Interceram 63 (2014) [3] 125-129
Special Technologies

Tawfik Ahmed Omar, Ahmed ; El-Raoof, F. Abd ; Serry, Mohamed Abd Elkader
Lightweight Magnesium Oxychloride-Based Building Units from Egyptian Raw Magnesite
Interceram 64 (2015) [6] 266-270
Raw Materials Worldwide